Teaching Interests

Consumer Behavior, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Analysis, Salesforce Marketing, Marketing Management Introduction to Marketing, Sustainability Marketing, Social and Nonprofit Marketing

Teaching awards

Arizona State University: John W. Teets Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award, 2016
University of British Columbia: Killiam Graduate Teaching Award, 2013

Teaching Experience

arizona state university - tempe, az, usa

Competitive Marketing Strategy (MKT 462)
Instructor Evaluation Score: 6.8/7.0
Instructor Evaluation Score: 6.9/7.0

University of British Columbia - Vancouver, bc, canada

Buyer Behavior (COMM 362)
Instructor Evaluation Score: 4.7/5.0 

Marketing Analysis (COMM 363, Case Method, Markstrat)
Instructor Evaluation Score: 4.75/5.0
Instructor Evaluation Score: 4.9/5.0

Guest Lecturer, Social and Nonprofit Marketing (2010-2014) 
Guest Lecturer, Buyer Behavior (2012)
Markstrat Simulation Facilitator, SMEI 3: Marketing and Sales Management (2013-2014)
Certificate, Instructional Skills Workshop (2012)

Teaching Assistant Appointments

University of British Columbia - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Undergraduate (Bachelor of Commerce Hons.)

  • Marketing Analysis. Instructors: Ann Stone, Elaine Williamson (2011-14)
  • Social and Nonprofit Marketing. Instructor: Charles Weinberg (2010-14)

Graduate (MBA, EMBA)

  • Consumer Creativity. Instructor: Darren Dahl (2012-13)
  • SMEI 3: Marketing and Sales Management. Instructors: Darren Dahl and Kate White (2013-14)
  • Marketing Strategy. Instructor: Tamar Milne (2011, 2013)
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Instructor: Paul Cubbon (2013-14)

University of Manitoba - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Undergraduate (Bachelor of Commerce Hons.)

  • Marketing Management. Instructor: Malcolm Smith (2005, 2006).
  • Investments. Instructor: Gady Jacoby (2001)

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that effective learning is interactive and that a large part of my role as instructor is to facilitate student interaction with three critical stakeholders: the instructor, fellow students and course material. To this end, I design my classes and readings to provide a context to support the critical thinking, active listening, constructive questioning, instructor-to-student and student-to-student interaction that leads to mastery of concepts. As a result, all of my classes depend heavily on reflective discussion and application exercises throughout our class time together. 

I feel that creating a safe and respectful learning environment is vital to fostering equity and diversity for all of my students, and ensuring that students with different learning and communication styles all have voices in my classroom. To build and foster this environment, I clearly communicate what is and is not acceptable treatment of fellow students in my classroom. However, I also recognize that the most effective learning does not occur while residing in one’s comfort zone. As such, I seek to foster an open and inquisitive learning environment for my students - a learning environment that encourages students to question what they are being taught, and to not blindly accept the information communicated to them. I encourage and award participation based on the quality of contribution, not quantity; a strategy that provides equal opportunity to those students who are not as comfortable speaking in public, yet requires them to build this necessary skill. 

I believe that optimal learning is collaborative. Therefore, my approach to teaching encourages students to collaborate both with me and with their fellow students to achieve content mastery. Through in-class assignments, frequent classroom discussion, and group projects, I encourage students to learn how to effectively communicate their ideas and to listen to the ideas of others. I provide frequent and detailed feedback on these activities to ensure that students have learned the key marketing concepts required for success. Moreover, communication and teamwork skills are vital to success in both life and professional marketing roles, and I believe these skills are built through experience in the classroom. I design my courses to include multiple group projects requiring both oral and written presentations. These projects enable students to learn together, to face and overcome potential conflicts and to communicate their work to their teammates and peers. They are designed not only to build an understanding of content, but also to foster the necessary transferrable skills required to succeed in life and career.