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Fast Company (NY, USA) "Like a Charity on Facebook? You're now less likely to help" [ link ]
Harvard Business Review (USA): "Getting People to Publicly Support a Cause Can Be Counterproductive." [ link]
Time Magazine (USA): " Facebook Launches New Donate Button Asking People To Put Money Where Their 'Like' Is" [ link ]
Globe and Mail (Canada): "Supporters Love a Cause - Just Don't Ask Them For Money" [ link ]
National Post (Canada): "Growing a Moustache to Raise Awareness About Men's Health Actually Leads to 'Slacktivism': New UBC Study" [ link ]
Popular Science (USA): "Just Liking A Cause Doesn't Help: Internet Slacktivism Harms Charities" [ link
Science Daily (USA): "Slacktivism: 'Liking' on Facebook May Mean Giving Less" [ link ]
CTV News (Canada): "How Much Good Does a Facebook Like Really Do? Not Much Slacktivism Study Shows" [ link ]
Men’s Health (USA): "Are You A Fake Philanthropist?" [ link ]
Science Codex (USA): "Slackers Unite: How Fundraisers Convert Social Supporters Into Socially Active Citizens" [ link ]
Daily Mail (UK): "Are You A 'Slacktivist'? People Who Declare Support For Charities on Social Networking Sites Are Less Likely to Donate Money." [ link ]
The British Psychological Society (UK): "Does Using Facebook Cut Giving to Charity?" [ link ]
Psych Central (USA): "Don't Just Like My Cause: Do Something, Slacktivists" [ link ]
The Consumerist (USA): "Easy Pubic Displays of Support for Charities Leads to Slacktivism" [ link ]
The Drum (UK): "Facebook's New Donate Button: How the Social Network Stands to Gain from Its Charitable Effort" [ link


CTV News (Canada): "Slacktivism Study: Clicking the Facebook 'like' button may mean less donations" [ link ]


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